Yelapa Songwriting Retreat

Yelapa, Mexico

January 4-10, 2021

Now accepting reservations

The Yelapa Songwriting Retreat consists of 7 days, 6 nights in the gorgeous tropical paradise of Yelapa, Mexico. The retreat will be 3 active working days with meals provided (sessions in the morning, writing during the day and a dinnertime gathering to show progress), 3 days of enjoying the town, beach or planned excursions, and potentially a final show for the local community for those who wish to participate and to give back in thanks for the magic of the jungle. 

The Town: Yelapa consists of a small beach and town, and there are NO CARS. This means all traffic is by foot or donkey. A water taxi takes you from the easily accessible pier in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico directly to the beach outside the venue (or, for those unwilling to jump into the water, to the town pier). This no-car quirk keeps the town small and beautiful but requires plenty of walking, including up and down rocky paths. Bring your walking sandals!

The Venue: Our retreat will be held at Casa Isabel, an eco-conscious retreat center made with art and nature in mind. The casas are without exception gorgeous works of art and open to the mild environment - ocean is visible from all units, and the waterfall from some of them as well! All beds are suspended or insect-proofed with mosquito screens. A large central meeting casa serves as community kitchen and gathering place. I advise you read the Casa Isabel website thoroughly as answers to most questions about travel, facilities, and arrival are answered there. 

The Retreat: There is room for 18 retreat-goers, or a couple more if a few prefer to share a bed. The rates are as follows:

Shared casa, 'private room' large (king, queen, or double) bed (3 remaining)$740

Shared casa, 'private room' small (single) bed (2 remaining) $650

Shared casa, shared room, large bed (3 remaining) $660

Shared casa, shared room, small bed (4 available) $625

Private casa, large bed (2 available) $870

Private room in Casa Central, small bed (1 available) $590

*if people want to double up in a bed, they may each take $200 off the price. Let me know, but you must arrange your partner ahead of time.

**availability is dependent upon filling the retreat. Should fewer people attend, room availability may have to be juggled. Don't worry, we'd talk to you and make sure it was acceptable.

*** at Casa Isabel, 'private' can be relative. Most rooms are open to the outdoors and may not have a door.  Within casas, private may mean separated from other rooms by a wall only.

Water: Water is filtered rainwater, and safe to drink. See the Casa Isabel website for more details, but the usual concerns about drinking water in Mexico do not apply.

Food: Food will be provided for four of the seven days by a talented local chef and will be made from local ingredients.  The town is full of many magical restaurants and is extremely inexpensive - 500 pesos/day ($25ish dollars) will allow you to eat beautifully. To really get luxurious and if you plan to drink or shop, bring a little more. There are no ATMs in the village, so bring all the pesos you want to spend with you at the outset. There is a woman named Caroline who will stock your in-room fridge with local delicacies and even tequila if you contact her ahead, and she can be reached here. I really love to do this.

Day Trips: Maryann Cicala will be serving as "cruise director" for some day trips on the non-working retreat days. Possible excursions range from a trip to the Marieta Islands, horseback riding, hikes, botanical garden torus in nearby Boca or day trip to nearby quiet beaches.

Note on airplanes and passports: Passports are currently necessary to travel to and from Mexico. Better to get one as soon as possible. Air flights will be to Puerto Vallarta. Southwest flies there, and by registering for a Southwest credit card and putting groceries on it for a few months you can easily get your ticket for free on points. If you do that, say Thais Perkins referred you and it'll help us out too!

Registration will be first come first serve.


To register, send your name, email address, phone and bed preference to Thais at To complete registration, send a deposit of $400 to Thais one of the following ways:



Venmo: @Thais-Perkins

Check in the mail: Thais Perkins, 8707 Texas Sun, Austin TX, 78748

Remainder of payment will be due September 1, 2020 once final rooms have been filled.

Cancellation Policy:  We use the cancellation policy of the venue, Casa Isabel. Payments are not refundable, but if you need to cancel, we will try to find other guests to book the same dates.  If we are able to re-book some or all of your dates, we will return a proportionate amount of your deposit minus a 15% handling fee.